The start of a blog – just an idea!

There’s a bit of discussion going on in the “member group” that is CTC Northampton.  Should we have newsletters (written, designed, printed, posted through the mail) or should we add the “new media”?

We have a website and a Yahoo discussion group.  I’ve started to ask whether we should have a Facebook group, a Blog and maybe a Twitter account.

It seemed to me easiest to put together a Blog than to put together a Facebook group so I’ve made a start with the intention of finding out what  my fellow members think!

6 thoughts on “The start of a blog – just an idea!

  1. Hi Everyone –
    Just to prove the point, I have accessed this “Blog” to find out about it ! I’m just as happy with the Yahoo Forum for “Club only” information / views, etc. but if loadsa people potentially can access CTC Northampton information on this medium (or similar) then – fine! Thank you Ian MacS (?) for your time and efforts !
    Peter N

  2. Thanks Ian for putting together this blog – I love the style/format and the method of easily giving comments on issues etc. Well d one!!! I do also observe that the remit of the blog is only open to members only, and that this method of on-line conversation is not accessible to potential new members. However, if we explore a ‘two prong’ approach: a newly structured/regularly updated CTC website to entice new members and then a link to this blog for members only then we would be ticking both boxes of accessibility and security. Of course, all this ambition needs to be backed up with a core group of people who are willing /have enough time to be ‘web masters’. Rowan

    • Thanks, Rowan. I’m getting to grips with blogging. Nick Humphries has already helped with the suggestion about using the Twitter and Facebook buttons; and I think he’s going to give me more advice. Hope you didn’t mind use of your image in the photo at the top of the blog! See you soon, I hope. Cheers, Ian.

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