Ride report – Saturday 24th March

Chris went on this ride to Maidwell and writes:

Thank you, Brian, for a pleasant pootle around the environs of North Northants., if that is not tautology?  Wasn’t the Brampton Valley Way dry & dusty? Combined with the sight of Pitsford Reservoir so low, we are in for a drought summer, if our wonderful weather can be relied on.

Peter adds:

And thank you from me, too! Apologies for cutting out towards Holcot – legs getting wobbly, and time getting on. But what a wonderful day!!  Pitsford Reservoir certainly looks far too empty!

1 thought on “Ride report – Saturday 24th March

  1. Yes, I cycled around part of Pitsford Reservoir today and it was very low. One compensation of the drought, however, is that Anglian Water is taking the opportunity to get contractors to strengthen the reservoir’s banks. They’re strengthened with a material which decreases water seepage but still allows plants to go through it so that it will still look good afterwards.

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