Ride to/around Market Harborough, Sunday 20th May

Iain Dawson leads this ride and writes:

This  ride combines two of our favourite teastops with some familiar (and some less-familiar roads) to the north of the town.
We’ll be heading out from Moulton up towards Arlingworth for a stop at Waterloo Farm before making a loop of Market Harborough to return via the Buddhist Centre’s café in Kelmarsh. Those of you requiring something more substantial at lunchtime might want to take advantage of the shops in Market Harborough to grab a sandwich, or bring your own (it is nearly summer after all!), as the food on offer at Kelmarsh reflects the Buddhist ethos of the centre and so is a bit light on beef, chicken, pork etc.
Depending on riders and weather, we may choose to avoid the Brampton Valley Way and ride up the main road in to and out of Waterloo Farm. If this raises any concerns, let me know at the start of the ride.
See you at Moulton Co-op on Sunday at 9.30 a.m.

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