The Meriden Annual Gathering

Bill Simpson attended this event and writes:

Last Sunday’s annual gathering at Meriden took place as usual. Only this year it did not rain, despite the greyness of the day.  Though in recent years the numbers in attendance seems to be dwindling, it appeared this year that the gathering was up numerically as seen through the eyes of Max Scott and myself.
Other local riders to attend were George Stevens and John Dunkley, as well as Bob and Sue Hastings.  Any others that I may have missed from our area, apologies for the omission.

Both Max and I used the train to re-trace to Rugby, then rode the miles to the excellent Catthorpe Farm for afternoon tea.

For the benefit of any who may never have experienced Meriden, my journey from
Northampton with some train assistance was an easy 50 miles. Hopefully, if you thought that attending at Meriden is beyond your mileage capability, the above may help you to re-appraise.

Perhaps then the numbers who attend could continue to increase, and that the unique experience of Meriden (the centre of England) could be shared and enjoyed by so many more from our area.

This leaflet from last year’s event gives a flavour of the ninety year’s history behind Meriden Rally.

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