Nearly arrested

Iain Dawson, our Publicity Officer, writes:

I was nearly arrested last night.

I was collecting my bike from where I’d parked it. It was late, there was no-one else around, I was spotted on CCTV, the police were called.

Three things:
1. Someone was bothered enough to call the police
2. I was long gone by the time they turned up (I heard about it this morning)
3. How, exactly, would I have proved it was my bike ? It’s free, my bikes are registered there, the police have access to it. It saves confusion and makes life a lot easier for you, and a lot more difficult for the seller if you spot one of your bikes being offered for sale second-hand.

They do register other property as well but bikes are, perhaps, the most vulnerable given our habit of leaving them locked to things outdoors.

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