A London Ride – Saturday 1st June

Iain Dawson, our Rides Secretary, will be leading this (train-assisted) ride and writes with these joining instructions (and hints & tips):

Start Point: Zebra Crossing, Melton St, London NW1 2EB (near the Taxi entrance to Euston Station)

Start Time: 9.55 a.m.

For those of you coming through Euston station, find the station concourse and then, with the platforms behind you and the sunlight streaming in the windows ahead, make your way to the West (right side) Exit by the ticket office, past the “Lift to Underground” and “Lift to Taxis” signs. Once out of the building, keep going, down a few steps to the zebra crossing. If you haven’t seen anyone you recognise by then, check your watch and decide whether to wait there, retire for a coffee in the station, or ring the ride leader to see where everyone’s got to.

Those of you not coming through Euston Station can probably work out where we’ll be from the information above. If not, feel free to email me for directions.

We’ll be taking a combination of quiet streets, quiet main roads (and I do mean quiet), tourist routes, park paths, cycle lanes and blue paint to make our way round the capital and we’ll also negotiate what is probably Britain’s smallest traffic island. There are only a couple of spots where we’ll encounter serious traffic and it is pretty tame in those locations.

This ride is slightly different from our usual trips so a few things worth mentioning:
1. Bring a camera; there’s lots to see.
2. Bring something picnicable to munch on at lunch time.
3. NO RUNNING RED LIGHTS. I know you wouldn’t anyway but the group WILL wait for you if the light changes. Do not be tempted.
4. Don’t go up the inside (left side) of large vehicles: it never works out well. The group WILL wait for you.
5. You can opt for lycra-free dress on this ride, if you so wish, as neither the pace nor the distance makes lycra a necessity. (Please wear something in place of that lycra though – the WNBR is not ’til the following weekend) !

The weather forecast’s looking dry but cloudy. Warm though. I just need to book my train tickets now.

See you Saturday!

Iain’s contact details:
07909 992468
or comment below (automatically forwarded to Iain)

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