Lamport Hall Sportive – 30th June – 3 reports

Three of our members who took part in this event have recorded their observations!  Each writer took part in a different distance event.

David wrote:

Lamport Hall is a comfortable distance to cycle to, to ride in a sportive. There were three distances 100 miles that took you around Rutland Water, 60 miles and 25 miles.
I did the 60 mile course which went as far north as Lyddington, cycling along Eyesbrook reservoir where the Dam Busters trained. The weather was just right with bright sun and occasional gusts of cooling wind. The route had lots of hills to climb. I stopped once for refreshment at “The Compass” pub car park.
Around 55 miles having just passed through Rothwell, I could feel the soles of my feet begin to heat up and nearing the end they had become a bit painful.
There needed to be another arrow marker on the other side of Stoke Albany, crossing the A427 to confirm the first arrow marker to Desborough. I needed to look at my map to check. I Must have done 70 plus miles today. I recommend doing it next year.
Alex wrote:
I did the 100 mile route, although it was a tadge more and cycling to and from has made it 125. I agree that it was enjoyable and accessible, despite a strong headwind after lunchtime. However, for my liking the route should be reversed or redesigned to take out the dominance of right-hand turns.
The Scouts manning the two refreshment stands were volunteering, not getting paid funds for their Scout troop, and that seems wrong to me when entrants are paying £19 or so each.  (Please see comment below.)  I had a great day and would do it again, but will feedback as above to Elliott’s.
The 100 mile route plus there and back from NN2 involved 2356m climbing, my top speed was 42mph – there are some excellent fast sections, but busy in places too. The routes are available to download from Elliott’s website.
Finally, John wrote:
I too was at Lamport – on the 25 mile leisure ride – so that my grandchildren could look after me!
It was a perfect day, still not too hot at midday.  But I did have to take my helmet off at Creaton in order to enjoy the fresh air.  That was where my panniers came in useful.  My time was not good – 2 hrs 20 min – but I would have won the award, had there been one, for the rider with the most panniers.We entered on the day and so had to pay an extra £5 each.  That made the 25m ride far too expensive.  Two adults with two children came to £62 – [2x(16 +5) & 2x(5+5) ].  There were no feeding stations or other support on the 25.  Perhaps they did not want too many non-serious people.  Children’s father and uncles were on the longer rides, and they showed off by going fast, and mum was on a borrowed upright hub gear bike.  So over all family honour was satisfied.

If organisers had known I did not wear a helmet, and I had lied about the children’s ages, they would not have allowed us to enter.  We would have had to ride around on our public roads without paying, and would not have got a medal and a free biscuit afterwards!

John's grand-children maintain the family's honour!

John’s grand-children maintain the family’s honour!

3 thoughts on “Lamport Hall Sportive – 30th June – 3 reports

    • Alex added:

      Thanks Ian,

      The Scout leader I spoke to at the Rutland stop said otherwise, that they were just doing it unpaid for “community service” as I asked if they were doing it to raise funds for the troop whilst we were chatting. Glad that this seems not to be the case! There was a mis-communication as regards the promised mechanical back up too (according to Pitsford Cycles) but there you go…

      It was a good day out anyway

      • Hi, yes we’d been in contact with Pitsford Cycles for several months prior to the event, re-confirming via email and phone the week of the sportive. For whatever reason the Pitsford Cycles representatives failed to show up on the day as promised. A real shame but unfortunately out of our control.

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