Cycle 4 Cynthia 2013

Last Sunday saw the annual Cycle 4 Cynthia Ride out of Althorp.

The event raises money for the Friends of Cynthia Spencer Hospice (a Northampton centre working with the currently incurable) and, this year, for MacMillan Cancer Support. It’s appropriate that the routes start from Althorp as Cynthia Spencer was the grandmother of the hospice’s current president, Earl Spencer, so the two institutions are inextricably linked.

The ride is a popular one – so much so that we don’t normally have a club run on the same day – attracting riders from around the country as well as the local area, with a great choice of routes (family-friendly 5 mile, comfortable 25-mile and hilly 50 mile) (and this year, some gorgeous weather).

I believe even celebrities like Allan Lamb, Isla St.Clair and Jo Whiley were to be seen on the course, as well as Saints coach Jim Mallinder (good job there wasn’t a match on Sunday Jim!). Allan, Jo and Jim, it seems, are regulars on this ride so if you want to be mixing with the Great and the Good …

Anyhow, since I was unfortunate enough to miss this year’s event, I haven’t really got much more to say on the matter. Local rider Nick Humphries has, however, and you can read his piece over on his Cycling Downhill blog here : Cycle 4 Cynthia 2013

Time to get fit for next year’s ride methinks.


Competition! aka “Where Is It ?” Number 2.

Another one to see how widely-travelled our readers are.

Where in the UK is this magnificent piece of artwork to be found?


To give others a chance, previous winners are banned from entering for the first few days so Ian, you’ll have to wait your turn.

I should point out, for the benefit of the good folk of *****, that the sign hasn’t been vandalised. I’ve just covered up a name that might have given the game away.