Ride Report – Sunday 17th November

Phil L went on this ride, led by Bill, and writes:

Despite the wintry gloom and fairly persistent drizzle, an intrepid group of seven riders set out from Moulton Co-op for Woodford Mill under the leadership of Bill.

Visibility was pretty limited so we didn’t see too much of the countryside but took the opportunity to ‘catch’ up news-wise with other riders in the group.  Brunch at the Mill café was very welcome especially as the proprietor waived the 11.00 a.m. limit for breakfasts and bacon sarnies and served us with unlimited coffee etc. 

That was also where John Weller – our Christmas meal organiser – waved the Christmas menus at us and reminded us going to choose our courses and put down a deposit of £5! You have been reminded!

The ride back to Moulton seemed harder and longer to me but that’s probably because I had the full English, several rounds of toast and two large coffees – should have had a flapjack I think!

A good ride and breath of fresh air – thanks Bill!

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