Ride Report – Saturday 9th November

Pete went on this ride, led by Brian (our Secretary), and writes:

Thank you to Brian for leading the ride! In total, six riders chanced the weather – and got caught by mid-morning when the rain began. Evidently, the hardy ones made it to the haven of Beckwith’s Emporium for comfort drinks and food (?).


However, yours truly cut off for home after taking a different route to the Hardwater Crossing (that is, of the River Nene, at the Hardwater Mill) to check out the viability of the route. Yes, the road was closed. The bridge had been dismantled. A new “improved model” may be anticipated!  But to my relief, there is a temporary footbridge in place. I phoned the good news to Brian and then heading through Earls Barton, and back to Cogenhoe, dripped into our back door!




Venues for The 2014 Women’s Tour announced


Oundle in Northamptonshire will host the start of the opening stage of The Women’s Tour, which will also visit Hinckley and Bedford on day two of the new international race.

The news follows the recent confirmation that Northamptonshire would host Stage One of The Women’s Tour next May. Stage Two of The Women’s Tour will head from Hinckley to Bedford, passing through Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire.

Full details here.

Tyre Tip

No Ride Report this week (it was the big group AGM yesterday) so I thought I’d share with you a tyre tip with you instead. And the timing’s not bad given that we’re now in the winter riding season (that’d be “winter” then) and the maintenance classes are due to start this week.

Some of us believe that if we get tyre back on the wheel, we’re done.

Others, however, get all pedantic about lining the label up with the valve. Something about it “looking right” and finding “things”.


It’s quicker, that’s why.

The bendy bike suffered a p*nct*re last week, and I couldn’t find what had caused it.

Not until I found the hole in the inner tube, that is, lined it up against the tyre and then squeezed that bit of tyre very, very hard. The stone that caused it wasn’t visible or feelable unless you put an immense amount of pressure on the tyre (which, of course, is what happens when you ride).

You know why it’s important to find the cause I trust …

So, when I put the tyre back on, I spent that extra 2 seconds making sure it was refitted exactly as it had come off :


all lined up, ready for next time.