Sunday 5th October – To Leicestershire! – Ride Report

Brian (our secretary) stepped into the breach to lead this ride and has followed it up with the day’s experiences. In his own words:


This was Milton’s special hilly ride to the rural centre Wistow, home of the Maize Maze, on the outskirts of Leicester. We were not getting lost there, however, as we had John navigating beyond Guilsborough into Leicestershire, territory familiar to him.

As 7 riders left Moulton on a chilly but sunny morning, Milton was tucking into a late cooked breakfast contemplating when he could get back on his bike! We, though, were heading North literally into the hills of Brixworth, Spratton and on to Guilsborough. By Naseby, riders were stripping off winter tops as the sun warmed the day. By this time 2 riders had pealed off making for home leaving just 5 to make it to lunch, although not before we had encountered one of the “mean hills” we had been warned of.

Arriving at noon we sat out in the sunshine enjoying the food and company at the rural centre which was not as busy as expected, but with plenty of other cyclists. Eventually with some reluctance we tore ourselves from the sunny spot and headed back, contemplating the next “mean hill” at Gumley. Having gained height the views were great and the roads especially quiet as we headed for Saddington.

We were looking forward to a tea stop at the Old Vicarage in Naseby when Eleanor’s chain dropped on the road like a streak of oil. We had 3 chain tools and a spare link between us and Eleanor was soon on the road again but not before she had called out her chief mechanic with the car to meet us for tea.

The Old Vicarage did not disappoint with the tea and cakes and even a bacon butty for some as we again sat out in the garden. Well refreshed we now were down to 3 riders and it was nearly all downhill to Moulton. (well Brixworth hill ? ,we hardly noticed after Gumley) with the temperature just starting to cool as the sun dropped.

Good route, good weather and good company what more can you want from a ride !
Thanks to Milton for the route maps and for laying on perhaps the last of the Summer weather.

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