Ride Report – Cranford St Andrews – Sunday 2nd August

Regular rider PhilJ went on this ride and writes:

Five riders gathered at the Canoe Centre on the same morning that six of the club were taking part in the annual Ride London event. So not a bad turnout on a promising day weather-wise.

First stop was Little Houghton and an early climb to get the heart pumping. Towards Billing we spotted the campsite of the annual Land Rover show along the way. A plethora of Land Rover vehicles on the road was evident as we headed through Billing for the tricky right turn up ahead. The village of Ecton came next which had new tarmac laid up most of the main street helping us up the slight gradient. A little further on BBQ smells emanated from the World’s End pub as we passed the junction according to Milton but we couldn’t stop – we had a ride to complete!

A fast downhill past Sywell Country Park got the heart going again as did the long haul back up the other side to the main road towards Mears Ashby.

Before long though we were cruising at decent speed with nothing but golden fields as far as the eye could see until we finally hit civilisation again in the form of Little Harrowden. Quickly out and climbing, more remote lanes provided a pleasant experience for the group with just the odd vehicle to be aware of.

The landscape then changed through Finedon and Burton Latimer as we weaved our way through the urban streets and alongside the majestic wind turbines in full flow nearby. Over the A14 we soon entered Cranford and Cranford St Andrews a little way beyond.

At the vibrant cafe (The Old Forge) we met Eleanor who was already enjoying food and drink and we duly joined her.

Once refreshed we all retraced our steps back to Burton Latimer and right into a head wind.

Turning towards Isham was no benefit to us whatsoever and clearly it intended to follow us all the way home.

As it continued to hamper the riders with some resistance through Orlingbury, Eleanor and Iain parted

company and went their separate ways leaving a group of four to head back.

Towards Hannington the foursome needed to push a little harder but once out the other side things seemed

to get easier on the legs.

Holcot approached with our leader looking for a way to Sywell and the roads duly obliged with a sign or two.

The wind seemed to have picked up speed again at this point as did most of the drivers on the busy roads we were now on but we battled on regardless.

The anticipated route back through Ecton didn’t disappoint. It was swift and smooth and propelled us towards Billing again.

Land Rover mania was still on-going making the route on to the cycle paths a little more precarious than usual. At Riverside four became one as I rode back alone to the Canoe Centre whilst everyone else made their own way home.

Sterling work from Milton at the head of the pack and for providing a beautiful ride.

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