From thought provoking to bonkers: Part 3. Arnhem’s giant pink party aardvark. Yes, seriously.

Love this! I cycled through Arnhem earlier this month and missed the aardvark; missed the bridge too far as well; and so I have to go back! Velocity 2017?

I Do Not Despair

My short series of sculpture posts has done thoughtful treehouses in Bruges, love and affection in Oslo. So now we come to the grand finale. A giant pink party aardvark has apparently passed out on the sidewalk in the Dutch city of Arnhem. If ever there was a piece of municipal art that qualifies as completely mad – this is it.

I spent a brief overnight in the city of Arnhem on my way to an event in the nearby town of Dieren, (of which more soon.) I was also keen to get a small taste of one of the cities that will host our Velo-city conference series in 2017, Arnhem and its neighbour Nijmegen beat off stiff competition to win the prize and I hadn’t been there, so it was the obvious place to stop over.

Of course I then embarked on the typical behaviour of a…

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