Turkey Buster ride – Boxing day

Milton is leading this ride and writes:

Leave at; 9.30

Leave from; Canoe Centre    Bedford Rd

Distance;   28 miles

Pace; It’s Boxing day!  –  we’ll do the best we can.

This is the same ride as last year at this time … and the year before and ….OK,  it’s the same old same old. That’s mainly because the only café I know that is open is at Salcey Forest, and this route allows us to fall upon that at the 20 miles point with only about 8 miles from there to the finish, which is about perfect.

We will ride at the fastest pace of the slowest, (most hungover) rider as long as that doesn’t exceed 12mph. If it does, I shall ensure that we slow down until we’re at no more than that. 

So, from the Canoe centre we head off to Little Houghton, to Cogenhoe and then up the hill to Castle Ashby before heading south to Yardley Hastings. Then we continue south to skirt the western edges of Olney before riding through lovely Weston Underwood and the even lovelier Ravenstone. From there it’s Stoke Goldington and through the forest to the café. Cake and coffee is followed by a shortish route back to the Canoe Centre via the lovely Quinton / Preston Deanery road to Great Houghton.

There is a happy Boxing Day tradition which I very much hope we continue of a rider’s collection for a small present for the ride leader. A bottle of malt would be about right I feel – modest but fitting.

This is an attractive ride, not at all hard, and we should be back easily in time for lunch. I look forward to your company – and of course my bottle of malt.

I haven’t managed to create a GPX file, but, as it’s such a simple ride on well known roads, it is probably as easy to create your own if needed.

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