Ride to Tugby – Sunday 4th February

Giles Barrington is leading this ride and writes:

Start time  9.30 a.m.
Meeting point  Moulton Co-op, Stocks Hill, Moulton, NN3 7TB

Distance  61 mls
Refreshment stop  Café Ventoux, Tugby.  Possible additional ad-hoc stop.
Pace  Steady
Time Expected Back  Around 3.00 pm
Our ride on Sunday, starting at 9.30am from the Co-op at Moulton, will be 61 miles at a steady rate around 13 mph, with a refreshment stop at Tugby, although we may choose to have an additional ad-hoc stop.
Starting from the Co-op at Moulton, we will ride North through Holcot and Harrington.  Then the route will skirt around the West of Market Harborough, passing through Great Oxendon, East Farndon and Lubenham before turning North again at Great Bowden.
We will reach Tugby via Welham and Glooston, and on to our scheduled stop at the Café Ventoux at around 27mls, a wonderful treat for cyclists – a Café with a bike shop, what more could anyone ask for?  Just don’t bring any more money with you than you need for the food.
Return is through Hallaton, Medbourne and Desborough, retracing our tracks to Moulton via Harrington again.
This promises to be an very enjoyable ride and we should return before dusk, probably around 3.00pm, but please remember to bring lights.
We look forward to welcoming all riders, and especially any new riders who may wish to join the ride.  For any further questions, please feel free to contact Giles Barrington
Ride Route:

Ride Report Saturday 27th Jan

Peter Bayles led this ride and writes:

Six hardy riders set off from Brampton Valley Way, unanimously deciding to ride at a steady pace, and stay as one group, which turned out to be a good decision.  The weather started innocuously enough; a damp day and cold, but at least not frosty as a number of previous weeks’ rides have been.

Good progress was made initially, riding through some wonderful countryside, with the group chatting and in good spirits.  That was until the rain and the blustery wind started to do it’s best to ruin the day at around 11.00am.  The rain remained persistent and the wind, which appeared to change direction so as to present a continual headwind with additional side buffeting, made for cold, tiring riding.

At one point James, demonstrating the superior waterproof capabilities of his gloves, clenched his fist and water poured out of them, to the obvious amusement of some of his fellow riders.

By the time the coffee stop was reached, the group was definitely struggling against the elements and harbouring secret thoughts of phoning a friend to arrange for early collection.  Once inside the World Peace Cafe at the Buddhist Centre at Kelmarsh however, spirits were soon lifted by the warmth and good selection of food, and all thoughts of being beaten by a bit of rain and wind-chill were lost.  James had even produced some spare, dry gloves that he had packed for just such an occasion.

It was at this point that Philip suggested that we took a short cut home.  Of course the group were aghast at the suggestion of cheating, however Philip’s persuasive arguments eventually won the day.  So, Philip led the bedraggled group back, following the pleasant roads through Haselbech, Cottesbrooke and Creaton, returning back to the start an hour earlier than planned.

As (nearly) always, the ride was enjoyable, especially in retrospect and after a nice hot shower, but this ride really should be repeated in better weather to fully enjoy the wonderful countryside that it goes through.

(Oh, and I neglected to say that we never actually made it to Sibbertoft as we also took a small shortcut to save a mile or two and get to the cafe quicker.  Don’t tell Phil L, who kindly devised the route based on the Cycle4Cynthia ride but was unable to join).




Ride to Sibbertoft – Sat 27th January

Peter Bayles is leading this ride and writes:

Start time  9.30 a.m.
Meeting point  Brampton Valley Way, Welford Crossing, NN6 8AA

Distance  54 mls (Brisk) or 49 mls (Moderate)

Refreshment stop  World Peace Cafe, The Buddhist Centre, Kelmarsh

Pace  Brisk or Moderate

Time Expected Back  Around 2.30pm


We have two rides on Saturday starting at 9.30am from Brampton Valley Way.  The Brisk Ride is 54 miles at a pace of 14mph, with the Moderate Ride, probably being a self led group, 49 miles and, depending on the riders turning up, will be around 11 to 12 mph. Cafe stop at the 32 mile point is at the World Peace Cafe, which for the time being is still at Kelmarsh.

We will leave Brampton Valley Way, riding NW through Church Brampton, Holden, Teeton and then past Guilsborough.   From there we will ride through West Haddon and Yelvertoft, turning North through Clay Cotton and Stanford Hall before turning to a South Easterly directtion at South Kilworth towards Cold Ashby, then North again at Thornby.

Riding through Naseby, the Brisk Ride will pass through the furthest point at Sibbertoft and ride down via Clipston to our Cafe stop at Kelmarsh.  The Moderate Ride will take a 5 mile short cut at Naseby, riding directly to Clipson, and onto Kelmarsh.  The Buddhist Centre has just moved to Thornby Hall, but the World Peace Cafe will stay open at Kelmarsh for a short while.

Suitably refreshed and calmed, both groups will continue to Harrington, turning homewards through Lamport, Sealdwell, Brixworth and Spratton, retracing our tyre tracks Southwards back to the start at BVW.

Thanks go to Phil L, who devised the route based on Ride for Cynthia, but is unfortunately not able to join us this week. If the weather forecast is to be believed, we should at least have a reasonable temperature for the time of year so, thankfully, no snow or ice.

We should return well before dusk, probaly between 2.00 and 2.30pm, but please remember to bring lights.

We look forward to welcoming all riders, and especially any new riders who may wish to join the ride.  For any further questions, please feel free to contact Peter Bayles


Brisk Ride Route:


Ride to Bourne End – Sun 21st January

Milton Cadman is leading this ride and writes:


Start time  9.30 a.m.
Meeting point  Canoe Centre Bedford Rd, Northampton NN4 7AA
Distance  48 miles

Refreshment stop  The Bike Bus, Bourne End Beds

Pace  Steady 12-14 mph

Time Expected Back  Around 2.30pm


The Bike Bus is a worthy destination for this winter trip. A London double decker bus in a farmer’s field, it’s run by Grant, an ex bike mechanic, and provides fine bacon and sausage butties as well as cakes to accompany our tea and coffee. There is a small bike shop on the top floor of the bus as well. 

From the Canoe Centre we will ride through Little Houghton, Cogenhoe, Castle Ashby, and Bozeat before turning south to Harrold, Carlton, Turvey and on to Newton Blossomville. From here we take a series of small and lesser known roads to Astwood and beyond until we reach the bus.  The return is through North Crawley , Sherington, Filgrave and Tyringham before we get on the road at Stoke Goldington that will lead us through Salcey Forest, (another stop if we need it) Quinton and Preston Deanery and back to the Canoe Centre.

It’s not an especially challenging route, but at 48 miles at this time of year, it’s enough to give us a lovely day out. Be seen lights are a good idea if it gets gloomy.

I hope, with a relaxed but steady pace, we should get back to Northampton by 2.30 pm at the latest.

It’ll be good to see you.

Ride report – Saturday 13th January

Peter Bayles led this ride and writes:

The weather was kind to the six riders that set off from East Hunsbury on Saturday 13th Jan for the ride to Stowe, being reasonably mild for the time of year and, more importantly, dry all day. Quite a few of our regular riders are suffering from ailments of one form or another at the moment, so it was especially good to welcome Mark on his first ride with us.

The group decided to stick together on the way out, taking the ride at a steady pace through pleasant country roads, albeit with some seasonal mud on a few of the smaller ones. The route was not too challenging, with the usual selection of tiring inclines, but nothing too difficult.

Alex’s Garmin refused to work correctly at first, giving strange directions and, at one point, suggesting the sea as a destination. After a few unkind conversations regarding the instability of the Garmin software, well into the ride the owner found that he had actually plotted the wrong route.

We couldn’t resist the photograph of the Corinthian Arch, with five fine riders captured in front of it (obviously the sixth was behind the lens). The Nevillery Café at Stowe served the usual National Trust selection of cakes and sandwiches, which were eagerly consumed in comfortable surroundings. That was until the fire alarm went off. This turned out to be a false alarm, but did mean that we had to finish our coffees outside in the cold, whilst watching the fire engine, sirens blaring, arrive at the scene.

The group split into two on the way back, with three riders needing to push ahead to get back for various events.

The roads back via Silverstone and Whittlebury were faster than those in the first half of the ride, but still quite quiet. So a good pace was kept up on the second leg, until progress was abruptly interrupted due to temporary roadwork’s before Shutlanger, where several traffic lights had appeared in series.

With the roadwork’s behind us, we set off again and both groups were back without punctures or other incidents before 2.00pm.

So, overall, an enjoyable ride with pleasant weather, and no punctures to report.


Ride to Stowe – Saturday 13th January

Peter Bayles is leading this ride and writes:

Start time  9.30 a.m.
Meeting point  Hunsbury Hill Library, Overslade Close, East Hunsbury, NN4 0RZ
Distance  45 mls (Brisk) or 43 mls (Moderate)

Refreshment stop  The Nevillery Cafe at Stowe at 26 mls (Brisk), 23 mls (Moderate)
Pace  Brisk or Moderate
Time Expected Back  Around 2.30pm
We have two rides on Saturday starting at 9.30am from East Hunsbury Library, the Brisk Ride is 45 miles at a pace of 14mph, with the Moderate Ride probably being a self led group of 43 miles, depending on the riders turning up, and will be around 11 to 12 mph. Cake stop is at the National Trust Nevillery Cafe at Stowe.
We will leave West Hunsbury, riding past Milton Malsor, turning right down Gayton Road, past Gayton Marina, and on to Tiffield.  Almost through Tiffield, we hang a right and ride through Caldecot and on to the A5.
Crossing the A5 a few hundred metres north (there is a path along side the busy road), we will ride West through Duncote, Greens Norton, Bradden and Slapton.

Just before Wappenham, the Brisk and the Moderate routes diverge, with the Moderate group turning South on the pleasant Brookside road to Syresham.  At this point, the Brisk group have the opportunity to pile on another couple of miles by continuing through Wappenham, riding to Helmdon and on to Syresham via Crowfield.

From Syresham both groups continue through Biddlesden, on to Chackmore and then up Stowe Avenue to the Corinthian Arch, a convenient photo opportunity for the vain.  The Nevillery Café is in, or at the National Trust New Inn, to the right of the Arch.

Suitably refreshed and sustained, both groups will return along Ouse Valley Way, then onto faster roads through Dadford, Silverstone and Whittlebury.

We will cross the A5 again at Heathencote and return via Shutlanger, Blisworth and Milton Malsor.

The hills are not too challenging and as always, but especially at this time of year when the weather may be less than ideal, we have the opportunity to follow the shorter route at a slower pace, depending on how the riders feel on the day.
We should return well before dusk, but please remember to bring lights.
We look forward to welcoming all riders, and especially any new riders who may wish to join the ride.  For any further questions, please feel free to contact Peter Bayles
Brisk Ride route:
Moderate Ride route:

Ride report Sunday January 7th

PhilJ led this ride and writes:

A clear ride of two halves today as the swift ride down to Banbury was a contrast to the slow punishing ride back.

Seven hardy riders started at East Hunsbury for a promising day of riding in unbroken sunshine on what was still a very cold day.

For a steady paced ride we soon got into a decent rhythm on the undulating stretch of Banbury lane up to the A5 at Pattishall. The ground was frosty and the air was cool. Cold Higham was cold.

The terrain levelled off thereafter and we were soon speeding along with a very useful tailwind behind us. We ticked off Canons Ashby and Moreton Pinkney in quick succession before Thorpe Mandeville and the approach to Chacombe on a busy run along the busy B4525.

A useful cycle path guided us into the Banbury Gateway retail park and all that remained was to run the gauntlet of the Banbury traffic into the centre of town. Once there the Hillier Garden Centre café was very pleasant and the service was excellent for our group of hungry riders.

Heading out was easier than the ride in as the wide cycle paths along the Southam road kept us safe from the Banbury chaos until our first village at Little Bourton. We did run into a severe headwind straight away that didn’t relent all the way back to Northampton. Great Bourton followed and then Cropredy where we passed a street simply called ‘Cup and Saucer’ – quaint. Still in Cropredy, Giles came a cropper with another puncture. His eighth in recent months apparently – and on new tyres!

We headed for Appletree and Woodford Halse where ice was still present on the road. The ride back became a more careful affair than the ride out. We battled on against the energy zapping wind until Gayton where Pete now punctured. On the move again and back at the start having taken twice as long to get back as it took to get there.


Great riding from all those who turned out today and thanks to Pete for the Garmin backup.










Ride to Banbury – Sunday January 7th

PhilJ is leading this ride and writes:

Start time:  9.30 a.m.
Meeting point:  Hunsbury Hill Library, Overslade Close, East Hunsbury, NN4 0RZ
Distance:  50 miles
Refreshment stop:  Hillier Garden Centre
Time Expected Back:  Around 2pm


A pretty straightforward one this for the first club ride of the year. A run down to Banbury for tea and cakes at the Hillier Garden Centre near Spiceball Park.
Banbury lane seems like the obvious place to start and we’ll use it all the way to the A5 at Pattishall.
Once over, a change of direction takes us towards Litchborough and Maidford and then it’s on to Canons Ashby, Thorpe Mandeville and the outskirts of Banbury.
The return journey is a bit more adventurous, hopefully on one or two new roads for us through Great Bourton, Cropredy and Appletree amongst others.
Eventually back at the A5 crossing a different route home to our start point.
It’s a decent bit of mileage to get you off to a flying start in 2018.


We look forward to welcoming all riders, and especially any new riders who may wish to join the ride. For any further questions, please feel free to contact PhilJ or Peter Bayles.