Ride Report Saturday 27th Jan

Peter Bayles led this ride and writes:

Six hardy riders set off from Brampton Valley Way, unanimously deciding to ride at a steady pace, and stay as one group, which turned out to be a good decision.  The weather started innocuously enough; a damp day and cold, but at least not frosty as a number of previous weeks’ rides have been.

Good progress was made initially, riding through some wonderful countryside, with the group chatting and in good spirits.  That was until the rain and the blustery wind started to do it’s best to ruin the day at around 11.00am.  The rain remained persistent and the wind, which appeared to change direction so as to present a continual headwind with additional side buffeting, made for cold, tiring riding.

At one point James, demonstrating the superior waterproof capabilities of his gloves, clenched his fist and water poured out of them, to the obvious amusement of some of his fellow riders.

By the time the coffee stop was reached, the group was definitely struggling against the elements and harbouring secret thoughts of phoning a friend to arrange for early collection.  Once inside the World Peace Cafe at the Buddhist Centre at Kelmarsh however, spirits were soon lifted by the warmth and good selection of food, and all thoughts of being beaten by a bit of rain and wind-chill were lost.  James had even produced some spare, dry gloves that he had packed for just such an occasion.

It was at this point that Philip suggested that we took a short cut home.  Of course the group were aghast at the suggestion of cheating, however Philip’s persuasive arguments eventually won the day.  So, Philip led the bedraggled group back, following the pleasant roads through Haselbech, Cottesbrooke and Creaton, returning back to the start an hour earlier than planned.

As (nearly) always, the ride was enjoyable, especially in retrospect and after a nice hot shower, but this ride really should be repeated in better weather to fully enjoy the wonderful countryside that it goes through.

(Oh, and I neglected to say that we never actually made it to Sibbertoft as we also took a small shortcut to save a mile or two and get to the cafe quicker.  Don’t tell Phil L, who kindly devised the route based on the Cycle4Cynthia ride but was unable to join).




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