Damn lightweight helmets!

A slight helmet mishap on today’s ride as James C forgot to put it on over his skull cap. No matter it happens. It happened to me a while ago and then there’s my brother’s hilarious tale too. It could happen to you. Enjoy.

My older brother Brian commutes into London on the train from Northampton and often cycles down to the station on his bike. He had bought himself a new lightweight helmet. This particular evening on returning to Northampton he realised that he had left his new helmet on the train. He went over to the cashier and explained what had happened and that if anybody handed it in he would like to claim it back.
The cashier took one look at him and said ‘Put your hand on your head’. This Brian did and realised it was sitting proudly on his head all this time. He sloped off in total embarrassment hoping never to see that cashier ever again.

Not too long after this I managed to do something just as stupid myself.
I went out with my brother Brian on a lovely sunny Saturday morning for a long ride. We got to near Barby and came across a road cyclist walking along the road in cleated shoes carrying his bike on his shoulder.

We stopped to offer assistance and dropped our bikes, bags and helmets on the grass verge. A quick fix later we were all on our way again. Brian and I stopped a little way ahead at the Barby Garden Centre for a pot of tea.
Once refreshed I looked for my helmet but couldn’t find it anywhere. I concluded that I must have left it on the grass verge earlier on. I raced back to find it but there was no sign of it. I went back to the garden centre and suggested to Brian that we come back the same way later on and look again.
This we did and still couldn’t see any sign of it. By now we were blaming motorists, cyclists and even the villagers for taking it. We rode back quite bewildered at what had happened to the helmet in the short time it would have lay there.
I got home and opened the garage as usual. Sitting on top of the worktop was the cycling helmet we had been looking for!
I had forgotten to put it on in the first place and just rode out regardless!
Of course I blamed my brother for this as he didn’t say anything when I caught up to him down the close. Surely HE would have noticed I wasn’t wearing one. Mind you it was such a sunny day it felt quite liberating riding without one for a change.

Two peas in a pod is how my wife described us. Difficult to argue with that.


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