Ride report Saturday 24th February

PhilJ went on this ride led by Giles and writes:

A lovely morning greeted the half dozen riders who came out to take on Giles’s ride to Towcester. No clouds in the sky to obscure the sun. Chilly for us though. Apart from Brian T who complained of warm hands apparently and started removing layers!

Anyway a combined ride was agreed and we set off at an easy pace into the valley. After some miles the signs for Towcester started to appear but Giles insisted that we follow him on his 30 mile training ride instead.

It was very much that. Full of hills and descents or ‘intervals’ as Giles would have called it. Farthingstone and Preston Capes quite noticeable for that. The countryside looked quite stunning at the top of the climbs in the morning sun. Some ice was present on the road in shaded areas but generally the roads were dry and this was very appealing to the group with thoughts of Spring on the horizon.

Some way out of Towcester the inevitable happened. Giles experienced another mechanical. Not another puncture as you may expect but a cable malfunction leaving him in the big cog for the rest of the ride.

Onwards towards Towcester we went, ticking off those picturesque villages in the process before the mad dash through Towcester high street and our arrival at the Ten Hands Café. Very nice it was too. The old Dolphin Café was now bigger and classier. Very artisan with teas like Mountain Mint and Grand Canyon.

The ride back was much shorter and quite welcome to the weary group. Shutlanger and Blisworth were on route before we got back to Hunsbury and went our separate ways.

A great route from Giles with the perfect café stop not far from home.
Thanks for devising the ride Giles


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