Ride report – Saturday 24th March

Milton led this ride and writes:

Eleven of us in total made for a very busy Cafemonde when we reached our coffee stop on today’s Brisk/Moderate  via Haselbech and Naseby.
We started out from Moulton in gentle rain which hardly eased off but then it barely troubled us either. Five set off on the Brisk followed by five on the Moderate and followed, eventually, by James the First who, bless his heart, had had trouble making the 9.30 start!
James caught the Brisk group by Cottesbrooke and stayed with the group only coming unstuck when his colleagues took a short-cut which he hadn’t expected and he was found to be too far ahead to call back. Or, perhaps there was a mean spirited core to that group that thought he could do with a few more metres in his legs. Who’s to know?
The Moderate group made it to the stop at Church Brampton five minutes ahead of the others and thereby claimed the right to bag all the best seats – which they did. James Too only just managed to get his coffee down so watchful of his phone was he. A baby boy is on the way and expected daily! Good luck with that Mrs James Too.
Home was reached soon after the coffee break, it only being about six miles back to Moulton, and most were there before 1pm meaning there was time to help with the shopping/kids/gardening after all – possibly a tactical error then!
A fine morning’s cycling and good to have Vicky and Hartley out with us again.
Especially thanks to Phil J for agreeing to lead the Moderate ride.


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