Ride to Earls Barton – Sunday 15th April

Milton is leading this ride and writes:

Depart from:  Canoe Centre

Time   9.30 AM

Type of Ride  Steady (12/13mph)

Coffee stop  White Mills Marina   Earls Barton

Distance  57 Miles

Return time  Mid afternoon (3pm [ish])


There’s a change to Sunday’s ride. The BikeBus is not going to be open on the 15th so I have devised another route for us which takes us to a new café on the Nene by Earls Barton. It’s not too expensive for either café and cake or more substantial lunch/brunch affairs. As you can see, the route is 57 miles, which is long for one of my rides, but if we are getting too wet, or bored, there are multiple opportunities for cutting it short whether to the cafe and/or to the finish. But, as the sun will be shining and the breeze light, and the day long, which of us won’t want to spend time on the bike?


Setting off from the Canoe centre we take the road up through Great Houghton to Quinton and then through Salcey forest to Hartwell from where we head to Hanslope, and Castlethorpe and then cut back to Gayhurst before heading to Olney via Weston Underwood. We skirt the western fringes of Olney and head towards Yardley Hastings, and from there to Grendon and, on the road towards Earls Barton but still south of the Nene, we find the cafe at about 32 miles into the ride.


After our break we double back to Grendon and set off towards Wollaston before heading north across the river to Wilby. From there it’s Mears Ashby, Little Harrowden and Orlingbury until we cross the A43 to Hannington and then Holcot. Now, on the home straight, we go to Sywell and skirt Mears Ashby again before we head down through the village of Ecton, cross the Nene, and reach the Canoe Centre via Little Houghton.


It should be a lovely day on the bike which, if we leave exactly on time and maintain a steady 19 mph will get us home for an early lunch. As we have no intention of doing any of these things, I hope we will be back by about mid afternoon having had a pleasant, relaxing, sociable trip rolling along at about 12mph.


GPX file of the route attached.


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