Ride report – Sunday 15th April

Milton led this ride and writes:

It was at the café in White Mills Marina that we became a round dozen when we were joined by Elspeth who had cycled from home to join us and to show off her ever improving knee. She did take her husband away afterwards, reducing our number to 10, but it was worth that tiny loss to see her looking so fit!

John W was soon to leave us too.  We started the second half of our journey by cycling just too close to his home, and he was unable to resist the siren call of its many small comforts.

So, to the start  …  11 of us, including very welcome newbie Chris, (another Scotsman I’m afraid – what can you do, they’re everywhere) set off on Sunday morning on an overcast and coolish day for our recently revised trip, (the BikeBus being shut for the day)  looping south through Salcey forest and skirting the western fringes of Olney to reach the new café at White Mills Marina in Earls Barton. After the stop there was a second loop, this time north of the Nene, which took in Mears Ashby, Orlingbury and Hannington before touching Mears Ashby again and returning to the start point at the Canoe Centre via Ecton.

It never did get  too cold and was in fact a lovely day to be out on the bike. 54 miles passed quickly in excellent company and the new (to us) café proved to be likeable in every way – efficient, fairly cheap and big enough to absorb 12 of us and then another 14 cyclists from Northampton Social Cycling group who arrived just after we had been served. The staff had thanked me earlier for e-mailing our pending arrival. In fact it was the aptly named social cyclists who had the grace to pre-warn the café not us. Still, I didn’t let the café know that, so points to us!


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