Ride report – Saturday 21st April

Peter Bayles led the Brisk Group and writes:


Eight riders set off from East Hunsbury library (sorry Chris, near the library) on Saturday Morning in wonderful warm, sunny weather, which stayed with us throughout the ride.

The group split into brisk and moderate groups and headed off around the pleasant and quiet roads to the West of Northampton.

I can report that we did manage to say “no” to the tea rooms at Canons Ashby and successfully negotiated the hills before and after Everdon. I say successfully, but it was noted that the Brisk Group, with no regard for loyalty, let alone friendship, summarily dropped yours truly on the last hill. Something to do with the rate of my pie consumption, I’m thinking.

Anyway, any feelings of bitterness were quickly swept away at our stop at the Old Dairy Café, where we were delighted to meet up with Elspeth again. Life doesn’t get much better than chatting over coffee and cake in the sunshine. Everyone ordered cake with the exception of Viki, who nearly managed to start on James’ flapjack instead, when it was presented to her by mistake. Viki, we all checked our wallets twice on leaving !!

The riders’ return from the Café to the starting point was enjoyable and uneventful, with the riders progressively peeling off towards their respective homes as we neared East Hunsbury. Brian was keen to get back and immediately play an afternoon of tennis. Wow.

Thanks go to all for joining the ride, Brian for leading the Moderate Group, but the biggest thanks go to the organiser of the weather. What a pleasant change from the rain and cold that seems to have dogged us most of the winter.

PS; Milton, I am still are confused as to how you managed to get chain marks on the outside of your legs……

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