Ride report – Sunday 29th April

Phil Letts led this ride and writes:

Sometimes it’s nice NOT to have to ‘battle’ against the traffic, ever watchful of the discourteous close passers, speed kings, the cycle abusers and the like. So it was that the four of us who turned out for today’s mostly off-road ride enjoyed avoiding all that and had fun in the sun (NOT!) But we did admire Pete’s nice, shiny new looking gravel bike – definitely the machine to be on for this route compared to our mucky old MTBs!

Yes cold, damp and almost wintery it was but pleasant along the NR.6 cycle path to Sixfields then the canal path and Hunsbury Green lane. I always enjoy riding through Grange Park en route to Salcey where we met Elspeth for coffee and cake.

It’s a good firm route now, despite the rain, through Salcey to Piddington and we soon re-joined NR 6 at Great Houghton for the return to the Canoe Centre.

Good ride -good company and good coffee-what more could a cyclist want?

And all those off road miles without being abused by a motorist once! That must be a club record!


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