Ride report – Sunday 20th May

Peter Bayles led the group and writes:

Six riders set off from East Hunsbury library on Sunday morning. As forecast, the weather was just about perfect for cycling – sunny and warm with an almost cloudless sky for the whole ride, and with only a very light breeze.

Geoff joined us from the outset, heavily laden with panniers containing the bare essentials for a 47 mile ride in the sunshine, such as tents, wellingtons, snow shoes etc. However it was his ability to make a pea sized drop of sun tan lotion cover all exposed parts that really impressed.

The route rode through some of the small, quiet, picturesque roads and villages to the West of Northampton and, combined with the wonderful weather, it didn’t disappoint. Miles of stunning Northamptonshire countryside helped us along and to the café at Wardington Garden Centre.

It was explained to me that the better club ride write ups of the past went into much more detail about the ride and what was consumed at the coffee stop, so here we go; Brian had coffee and the cheese scone, which we all drooled over, David had tea and ……..nah, sorry Milton, looks like I’ll have to disappoint you on this.

Geoff left us at the café, clearly bored with the Northampton group and eager to meet his more interesting friends from the Milton Keynes CTC who were stopping for coffee at Castle Ashby. Thanks for joining the ride Geoff, and we weren’t very upset. Not very.

So, more beautiful scenery on the return leg, punctuated by a few direction pranks played on Milton by Chris. Both jostling for lead position, Chris sent him up a farm track at one point just to gain a few metres of ground. Come on guys, grow up. And the ruse played on me when I tried to take the photograph wasn’t funny at all!

We arrived back at Northampton within the scheduled time and without any punctures or other incidents.

Thanks for all who joined and, especially, thanks to the organiser of the superb weather.

(Photograph attached and, no guys, you were not too fast for the camera to focus!)



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