Ride report – Saturday 26th May

Brian Tunbridge went on this ride and writes:


Seven riders turned up at BVW for the start of the ride to Welford and Mini-Meadows café. It was good to see Paul out for his second ride and Steve back after some time ‘social cycling’ . Apart from Philip, the ride leader, everybody opted for the slightly shorter moderate pace route so Philip called it a rest day and we rode together at a comfortable pace for all.

The weather was inclement but dry to start with but at Naseby we took a short scenic detour via Sibertoft just as a few spots of rain fell. However, little came of it and we were soon at the Mini-meadows café for coffee and cake. There is now a full tarmac drive to the centre which used to be a bit of a gamble re punctures as Octavio will remember from a previous trip and who was out with us today.

When we emerged from the café the sun came out and from then on it got warmer and warmer with the wind on our back most of the way home. A short detour to Winwick gave us a photo opportunity as well as a traffic free lane to West Haddon.

Whether it was due to the bank holiday or not , the roads were exceptionally quiet. The route took us along many single track lanes with very few potholes for a change and we enjoyed the abundant early summer flowers along the roadside.

Thanks to Philip for planning the route and to everybody for a very sociable ride.



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