Ride report – Saturday 9th June

Phil Johnson led this ride to Draycote Water and writes:

A day of drama on the day out to Draycote!
Just two day-trippers booked a place for their annual outing. Dave Upton & John Winn.

Without rolling an inch from the start we all heard that awful sound emanating from John’s tubeless tyres. A puncture in his rear tyre.
John spun the wheel to get the sealant working and gave it some air. Reasonably inflated John agreed we should roll. At least for the time being.

We hit the road proper on Harlestone Road and it wasn’t long before Dave and I lost sight of John so we pulled over in Duston. This time it was nothing more than a chain mechanical but it wasn’t looking promising for the rest of the ride with only a couple of miles under our wheels.

We pressed on round Althorp and onto Whilton Locks with some anticipation of further problems. The gated road at Norton carried us towards Welton. On the second half we dropped swiftly over the canal and John took the cattle grid option rather than the dirt track at the bottom and paid for it with a second puncture. This time the front tyre had taken the hit and on inspection it looked somewhat worse than the first puncture in the rear.

Manual pumping and CO2 wasn’t inflating the tyre at all. We were at a bit of a loss to help John as neither of us had any real experience of the technology involved. Either way John decided to call it a day and ring home. Admirably he insisted that we continue the ride so Dave and I rolled on towards the outskirts of Welton.

Not long after, we crossed the county border into Warwickshire and utilised the National Cycle Network’s route 41 cycle paths along the busy Southam Road towards Dunchurch. Once through the town we were back on the Southam Road for real for the next couple of miles until we arrived at Draycote Water. Bicester cycling club were just leaving which gave us plenty of room to park up easily.

Whilst we were on the balcony of the Waterside Restaurant enjoying the largest jam and cream scones you will find anywhere, I decided to return to my bike. Once there I heard a voice next to me say ‘I made it then’. I was surprised to see that it was John parking up next to me. He had tubed his tubeless tyre and got going again. What a result and a lesson in tubeless tyres for us all.

The return journey had none of the drama of the outward leg. Peaceful villages with church fete’s in full swing. A number of climbs making it harder than on the way out. No road works at Brockhall and Flore which had diverted our rides sometime ago.

Dave and John rode superbly and whilst not exactly ‘day out’ weather I hope they enjoyed the ride.



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