Ride report – Saturday 7th July

Milton led this ride and writes:

Fourteen of us set off from Moulton on yet another perfect day for cycling. The sun shone and the wind blew as it should  …  lightly.

It was great to see Steve for the first time in ages, along with his friend from Social Cyclists, Allan, as well as Bob, who also hasn’t been with us for a while. Phil, (The Hill) L also managed to join the group for the first time in ages and was welcomed by many old friends.

We went through Mears Ashby and then Little Harrowden before heading east along the Slips and then headed north again into Burton Latimer. We then crossed the A14 and cycled into Cranford St Andrew and our cafe  – The Old Forge. The cafe managed the coffee and cake orders very well, but struggled to serve any orders requiring cooking and left quite a few of us waiting up to 40 minutes for an order.

So, we divided into two groups again – those who had finished their coffee and those yet to be served – for the journey home. Through Isham and then Orlingbury we then set off to Hannington and Holcot before arriving in Moulton by about 12.30 or thereabouts, in plenty of time to get home for the football.

A lovely ride, good company and perfect weather … what more can we ask for?

Many thanks are due to Tim for leading the brisk group on the way out and also the ‘late served’ group on the journey home.



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