Ride report – Sunday 15th July

Brian Tunbridge led this ride and writes:

Seven riders met at Moulton on yet another gloriously sunny day. We were joined briefly by Philip G who agreed to a super domestique role and led us out for the first mile of the ride before peeling off for a shorter ride.

From Holcot we headed north into a light cooling breeze on an undulating route on quiet, almost traffic free roads through Draughton, Dingley and across the Welland valley into the wilds of Leicester (a first for Chris D who had forgotten his passport).

We had brief a pause in the attractive centre of Hallaton, (no time to visit the town museum) before heading south to get to the Nevill café, Medbourne by noon when they changed the menu. We arrived with 15mins to spare. It was quite busy and included a very smartly attired cycling club from Nottinghamshire.

We were made very welcome and sat in the relative cool inside for coffee and a selection of cakes, bacon sandwiches, and for the connoisseur poached egg on Stornaway black pudding!

It was tempting to linger there but with a deadline to return in time to watch the world cup or TdF, we set off with just a few more hills to climb: out of the Welland valley through Cottingham and back to Rothwell and Loddington. Then familiar territory back to Moulton, arriving before 2.30pm.
Postscript; our undulating route had a few challenges (sorry Elspeth !) with unexpected climbs requiring the lowest gear, appearing occasionally. (3000ft of ascent overall though, for consolation).

Like the weather forecast, the definition of undulating might be up for debate.


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