Ride to Market Harborough – Saturday 11th August

Iain Dawson is leading this ride and writes:

we return to Moulton for a more moderate ride this Saturday, making our way through Naseby and down East Farndon hill to pick up the BVW for our coffee’n’cake stop at Waterloo Farm, returning via Harrington and Old.

The moderate route is around 35 miles but there is a more energetic alternative available which adds another 7 miles and a few hundred feet of climbing. Plus Haselbech.

Since the BVW is constructed using tunnels and gravel, this is a really good excuse to check your lights still work before the nights draw in and also that your tyres hold air. The route is rideable on 23C tyres but they must have air in them.

The weather is currently forecast to be – oh blessed relief – slightly cooler than of late, with a slight chance of water and, of course, we may switch from one route to the other depending on who turns out on the day.

Planned route is here for the Moderate and here for the more energetic alternative.

See you Saturday,


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