Ride report – Sunday 19th August

Peter Bayles led the ride and writes:

Ten riders set off from East Hunsbury library on Sunday morning.  The weather was good to us throughout the ride, being dry and warm all day, but overcast.

As usual, Garmins were primed and used to guide us around the countryside faultlessly and without drama.  Unfairly, Milton has persistently had nothing but scorn for technology in general, and Garmin navigation devices in particular over the years, preferring to rely on memory and maps.

Imagine then, dear readers, the utter shock to which the rest of the riders were subjected to, when Milton rocked up proudly sporting a brand new Garmin on his handlebars.

With the exception of JamesH, who shot impressively off ahead from the outset, the group kept a steady pace through the (mostly) quiet and enjoyable roads, with Milton frequently demonstrating his new found navigation skills.

Reaching Stowe Gardens, the National Trust café provided refreshments, with Chris especially enjoying the sausage rolls.  Of course, JamesH was just wiping the crumbs from his mouth when the rest of the group arrived, but still stayed to enjoy the chat.

Suitably sustained, the group was just getting ready to set off when Milton, feigning helplessness, announced that he had a flat.  Fortunately, JamesC, who currently holds the club record for changing a tube, soon had a grateful Milton back in the saddle.

On the return leg, the group spread out a little, but everyone got home in good time to enjoy the majority of the afternoon.

Thanks go to all for joining the ride, and for making it an enjoyable day.

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