Ride report – Saturday 13th October

Phil Letts went on this ride and writes:

It was without too much trepidation that the three of us set off to ride Elspeth’s Moderate ride yesterday -Saturday- because after all, the weather forecast was telling us the wind was ‘dying away’ and there would only be scattered light showers up to 10 am. Hah!

After an hour and a half slogging away against a tough head-wind and soaked to the skin, we followed our leader into the Salcey Forest Café for an early coffee and a decision-time debate.

By the time we’d had that, the skies had brightened up to match our spirits. So off again on a very pleasant back route via Ashton, Long Street and Hanslope. Once we turned at Castlethorpe, it was ‘spinnakers’ up and running before the wind.

Five minutes later, or so it seemed, we were back at the ‘caf’ to join Tim’s brisk group, who we thought would be long gone (turned out they’d had a ‘brisk’ shelter from the rain too!) so we FORCED ourselves to have another coffee and cake.

Enjoyable ride, ‘turned out nice again’ as George Formby used to say. Our thanks to Elspeth who it seems knows EVERY pothole between here and MK and where MK’s tarmac road-surfacing ends and Northampton’s DOESN’T EVEN START!

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