Ride report – Sunday 21st October

Peter Bayles went on this ride and writes:

Ten riders turned out for Phil Letts’ semi off-road steady ride to Willen Lakes, Milton Keynes; a really enjoyable ride in perfect Autumn weather.

Setting off from East Hunsbury, Phil, sporting his still new gravel bike, was determined to get us onto as much rough ground as possible to prove its worth.   To that end, we were quickly taking a detour off Quinton Road to go through Foxfield’s Country Park at Grange Park, before continuing on to Castlethorpe by road.

Shortly after that, we were treated to a wonderful route in the Ouse Valley Park, closely followed by another picturesque route around Linford Park avoiding, what appeared to be, every local dog enjoying walkies in the glorious sunshine.

It was at this point that Martin had to leave us to return for a family event.  Really Martin, is that more important than cycling with friends?

Anyway, after that, Phil’s leading skills started to deteriorate and worry the group, and were clearly not up to navigating the route through Willen Park to our coffee stop.  James, however, came to the rescue, with an incredible knowledge of Milton Keynes and the Parks and led us around stone circles and spontaneous gatherings and on to the Willen Café.

Coffee and cake consumed, the group noticed that Brian had taken his bike into the toilet before setting off, which was met with reactions ranging from surprise to genuine concern as to the nature of the relationship between him and his bike.  Still, it provided a fun photo opportunity as the pair emerged from the toilet.


James led us skilfully back through the park on the return journey before handing the navigation back to Phil who brought us home.
The group had a very enjoyable day’s cycling, and it made a change to be riding past friendly pedestrians on the trials, as opposed to (occasionally) less friendly motorists on the roads.  Thank you Phil (and James).

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