Ride report – Sunday 4th November

James Holden led this ride and writes:

Given the murky forecast I arrived at Moulton fully expecting no one else to turn up for this weekend’s ride, which was to the Mint & Ginger café at Tur Langton in Leicestershire. It was a surprise, then, to find five other foolhardy individuals waiting ready, willing and able. In view of the drizzly conditions we made a plan to cycle out to Harrington and then reassess our ride options: to carry on to Tur Langton or – if the rain hadn’t eased off – to divert towards the World Peace Café for coffee and a shorter, albeit drier ride.

By the time we arrived at Harrington the conditions were more clement and we opted to continue with the original route, proceeding through Desborough, Stoke Albany, Welham, etc., whilst all the time enjoying some lovely fast stretches of road and some less lovely hills. Unfortunately, it turned out that I’d made a beginner’s error with the weather, since I hadn’t looked at the predicted forecast for Leicestershire, only Northants… If I had then the downpour that began as we hit Cranoe wouldn’t have come as such an unwelcome surprise. Cold and drenched we eventually arrived at our destination and the welcome sight of coffee, cake and a working radiator. I think this was probably the first time we’d used the Mint & Ginger – it was my first visit – and everything was excellent. It’s also clearly popular with cyclists: another club from Leicestershire turned up after us and took up the remaining seats.

Our journey back was a mixture of landscapes: pretty villages, rolling fields and the desolate expanse of HMP Gartree. We cycled through Lubenham, up the twisty climb at East Farndon and then on to Great Oxendon, where after crossing the Harborough road we linked up with our outward route again and – once the hill at Harrington was out of the way – soon arrived back at Moulton: damp, cold and tired but having enjoyed the ride, nonetheless. Thanks to Phil J, Vicky, Hartley, Brian and John for turning up – hopefully we can do the route again next summer!


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