Ride report – Sunday 16th December

Milton went on this ride and writes:

On a chilly morning four met at BVW for James’ 50 odd miler through Barby going on to Badby before turning for home.

We decided to shorten the ride and change to larger roads as there was still a frost around. No matter, just before we passed Althorp James and Phil came off on black ice.

Phil went into the grass and was muddied but unhurt, but James sustained what looked like a shoulder injury and was unable to continue. The ride was abandoned and a car was summoned (thank you May) to take James to hospital where he is currently waiting to see a doctor.

The rest of us limped home separately keeping an eye out for the dreaded ice, which, of course, you cannot see. The accident happened at a very slow speed as we were already concerned about the road, but it serves as a reminder to us all just how vulnerable we are in slippery conditions.

We all wish James a speedy recovery and look forward to an early rise in temperatures.


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