Ride report – Saturday 22nd December

Milton went on this ride and writes:

By the time we congregated at Castle Ashby café – the moderate riders got there 10 minutes before the brisks – 12 had become 13 as we were joined there by our much missed Eleanor who had cycled from home to meet us. She possibly wanted to meet her husband John too, but that seems so unlikely that I discount it.

So … 12 set off on a sunny and cool, but not cold day from EH in two groups. I was with the seven brisks and we made pretty good progress on the 27 odd miles to coffee. We skirted Olney, and then moved on to Harrold before turning up the endless bungee road towards Bozeat and then to the Castle via the low road.

Most of the inside seats had already been taken by the time we arrived, and although no sign had actually been posted on the door saying, “You arrive late, you eat outside” we got the message and stayed in the cold. Service was fabulously inept in taking orders and, from the same waitress, correspondingly efficient in serving them – so all OK there then.

We bunched up again after coffee and took the return route via Yardley Hastings, Denton and Horton before splitting up to go home our separate ways.
Most of us would have got home by 1pm leaving the rest of the day to do some more Christm ……zzzzzzz!

Excellent weather and a good route made for a lovely morning.

Thanks to Tim and also Peter who led the moderate group.

The next ride is on Boxing day from the Canoe Centre at 9.30.

Merry Christmas to everyone likely to make that ride and Bah Humbug to the rest of you!

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