Ride report – Boxing day

PhilJ went on this ride and writes:

Milton talked about three spirits at the start of this annual Boxing day outing but not of the ghostly kind and as such was as good as his word as he merely sauntered off towards Little Houghton with six other riders following behind at a comfortable pace. A damp, dank route lay ahead.

The fast descent at Cogenhoe was a little less intimidating than several days ago when the storm had deposited plenty of grit and gravel at the bottom of the hill. Unscathed we headed for Whiston hill next and for the second time in as many rides we chose to avoid the climb and take a more leisurely route towards Castle Ashby along less undulating roads.

The Boxing day hunt was gathering there and we cut through it on our way to Yardley Hastings.

Chocolate box houses were aplenty through Weston Underwood and Stoke Goldington before joining the road to Salcey and upping the pace briefly before our coffee and cake stop.

Salcey was bustling with families and cyclists and we were lucky to get a table in the warmth.
The service was good and choice of cakes excellent. Flapjacks a favourite.

The group then headed back to Quinton and parted towards Preston Deanery as has become customary along this road and we all headed home.

If you haven’t done this ride before then it’s well worth a look. An easy ride, great cafĂ© stop and good company makes it a must do in the CTC Northampton calendar.

A classic from the Cadman handbook.

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