Ride report – Sunday 6th January

PhilJ led this ride and writes:

A double digit turnout for the first ride of the year to Naseby. At least at the Old Vicarage where we were joined by three more of our group and members of Kettering CTC on the next table.

Initially nine riders had set out from Sixfields and headed for Harlestone where Pete was seen running up the hill beyond the Fox and Hounds in classic Chris Froome style. Seemed like a chain had malfunctioned as it took the strain on the sudden rise in the road.

About this time the planned roads started to undulate. We flew past the Station Cottages and then grinded our way back up the Brampton’s. Another dip at Pitsford and onto Brixworth before the fast descent the other side cutting through the Brampton Valley trail at the bottom.

All safely down the long haul to Spratton clearly visible up ahead. The next drop towards Teeton was unfortunately interrupted by horse and rider half way down just as Milton was going into overdrive!

We regrouped and headed for Guilsborough where the church bells were in full swing. Viki was due to join us at the vicarage at 11:15 but she was late and we were fashionably late so all turned out fine.

Once again the grandeur of their dining room played host to our hungry group. A finer location for a tea stop you will not find – and that’s a challenge! The hostesses provided us with teas, coffees, cakes and scones and then just kept asking if we wanted any more. This was a banquet not a tea stop. All for four quid a head.

Fully loaded we headed out with Viki by our side this time. The Cottesbrooke estate lay ahead and THAT downhill. I had touched nearly 40mph just several days ago but it’s trickier in a group and brakes went on but we still reached well over 30 as we came out of it. The gated road towards Brixworth is always a pleasure and worth it even to experience the pain beyond.

We dipped at Pitsford again having retraced the route out and the group then split to make their own way home once we crested the hill.

Six of us headed for Sixfields. Down the Brampton’s this time and not so far up Station Cottages as Viki encountered a puncture half way up. All sorted we made it back to Sixfields a little later than billed but right on average speed.

Special mention to IanM who came out with us on quite a difficult ride and performed superbly. Chapeau!


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