Ride to Carlton – Saturday 12th January

PhilJ went on this ride and writes:

Another impressive turnout for Brian’s ride to Carlton despite the dreary drizzle which greeted us all at the start. Milton was hoping to go straight back to bed but there were plenty of takers for two different rides so we were having none of that.

The Moderates and Brisks or ‘Mods & Rockers’ as Elspeth had coined them set off for the tea stop at the Emmaus charity centre in Carlton village which supports the homeless in the UK and has done so since the early 1990’s. A very worthy cause.

I joined the Moderates, a group of four whilst there were slightly more in the Brisk group led out by Milton. It wasn’t long before we pulled over as Brian was experiencing mechanical problems with a chain derailment on two occasions. A tricky downhill followed through Cogenhoe but once down safely we soon ticked off the route markers towards Carlton one by one without incident.

In fact Carlton seemed to come up on us very quickly and that’s always very satisfying!

The Emmaus centre which I’m sure is an old school was already very busy. Brian met old friends there and I met my some of my family much to my surprise.

The Brisks having done a few extra miles arrived just five minutes after us suggesting Milton had put the hammer down somewhat. Pete mumbled something in the queue confirming it was indeed the case.

The selection of food and drink here is excellent and great value for money. I chose the sticky salted caramel cake whilst Elspeth chose a large portion of beans on toast which as it happens she couldn’t polish off. Viki helped her there though.
Giles tucked in to the same with others choosing a selection of fayre such is the great variety on offer.

We all left together and headed for Turvey as the wind headed into us!
I don’t think we have seen as many other cyclists out on the road at the same time as us as we did today. These were fair sized groups as well not just single riders.

Further on the groups seemed to split and split again with some riders taking the slightly more ascending route and others staying at a lower altitude such was the versatility of Brian’s route. The ‘Mods’ then regrouped on the Newport Pagnell road before splitting again in the usual place along the Quinton road to head for home.

A very enjoyable ride to a lovely café in a charitable organisation.

Thanks for leading the rides gents.

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