Ride report – Saturday 23rd February

Milton led this ride and writes:

We 14 riders set out from Moulton on a chilly, misty Winter’s morning and arrived in Mawsley two hours later on a warm Summer’s afternoon. No individual weather event can ever be identified as an example of global warming of course …. except this one!
A pretty lumpy ride largely through the North and West of the county challenged us all, but as the weather improved there was certainty that Spring was in the air. Birds were singing and the hedgerows seemed to be in full bud, and in those circumstances, no hill is topped without a smile on the face.
The ‘Brisks’ were first to the café on this occasion and had bought in a round of coffees and cakes for the ‘Moderates’ as they always do in such circumstances, but, unfortunately the ‘Moderates’ took a little while to arrive and by the time they did, all had been scoffed. The Brisks should probably have been shame-faced but were, in fact, triumphant.
Lovely to welcome Odette and Kim to, respectively, their 1st and 2nd rides with us, and to be accompanied by James, in recovery from his shoulder injury, (in as far as James ever accompanies anyone – he flew ahead of us all until he reached his departure point at Brixworth) for the first few miles.


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