Ride report – Saturday 23rd March

Milton went on this ride and writes:

We were thirteen strong at the start in East Hunsbury on a cool and breezy but sunny Saturday morning. Good to have Chris and Ian along and to see Peter again as well as Justin who I don’t think has been out with us for a while.
Most of the riders decided they were up for a bit of a clatter in the brisk group and, in fact, by the time we got home I saw that the average had been 15.9 mph which is going some for us.
At the front of the peloton after Helmdon I distracted myself by chatting to another rider, (this will come as a big surprise to most!) and by not seeing a turn on my Garmin I cut off a couple of miles of Peter’s route including the horrid hill at Eydon. A bit of a result was the general verdict, but Peter, when he did finally arrive at the café having done the horrid hill, seemed to feel that we had emasculated his ride somewhat! Or was he just annoyed that he had had to climb the horrid hill whilst we were sunning ourselves over a coffee? Ah Peter, bitterness is so unattractive!
It was only a little over ten miles home which we mostly did in one large group and we were back home by not much later than 1pm

A lovely ride in bright Spring weather along a beautiful rural route. Good ride Peter, thanks.


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