Ride to Bourne End – Sunday 19th May

Milton is leading this ride and writes:

Start time:  9.30 a.m.
Meeting point:  Nene Whitewater Centre, Bedford Road, NN4 7AA
Distance:  50 miles
Refreshment stop:  The Bikebus,  Bourne End,   Beds.
Pace:  Steady
Return: by 2:30

The weather will be, as ever, perfect and should stay like that all day as we head south into what is surely bandit country – by which I mean Bedford.

We set off through Little Houghton to Cogenhoe and Grendon before Easton Maudit and then, for once, we go down the endless Bungee Hill to Turvey. Then it’s Harrold and Carlton before we reach the gorgeously named Newton Blossomville. We’re now on some lovely quiet lanes where we are much more likely to meet a bike than a car, that will eventually lead us to the charming Bikebus at Bourne End which is a double decker bus sited in the grounds of a farm. There, Grant makes fine bacon butties as well as selling excellent cakes and fine coffee at a reas ….. Ok cheap!

The return is through Little and North Crawley, Chicheley and Sherrington before we find ourselves in the better known surroundings of Filgrave, Tyringham and Stoke Goldington. Ever onwards we pass Salcey, although a stop for a quickie at the cafe is definitely a possibility; and then home via Quinton and Preston Deanery. It’s not too lumpy and I think it will make an ideal Spring trip.
If you download the attached file, and I wish you would, you’ll find a daft little loop as we leave the bus on our return home. Something entered my Garmin at dead of night and stuck that in to annoy me, and very successful it was too. We shall ignore that loop! Whilst we are on Garmins there might also be a bit of a loop taking the ride past my address at the beginning. Something else that’s been loaded whilst my back was turned. Another thing to ignore as we set off directly from the Canoe Centre.
We ought to be back by about 2.30pm give or take.

Sunday, on the saddle, in the warmth  –  why wouldn’t you be there?

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