Ride report – Sunday 19th May

Milton led this ride and writes

Ten cyclists waited nearly an hour for the last of the six bacon butties we had ordered from Grant at the Bikebus to arrive, and none of us seemed to mind. The sun was shining and the route had been pretty quiet and car free and Spring gleamed fresh in every hedgerow. What need was there to rush, and anyway, Grant had lots of troubles with his new oven and was doing his best. We all have lives to live, homes to work on, children to care for, and sometimes, just sometimes, it’s good to be away and on the road!

We’d set off from the Canoe Centre at 9.30 with two new riders in tow, Darryl and Ron, which was cheering. By the time we’d hauled ourselves up to Grendon via Little Houghton and Cogenhoe and then set off to Easton Maudit and towards Dungee Hill we had lost one, who was tired and set off to a coffee at the garden centre at Poddington, but gained another, John We….   so we were still ten. Jackets and arm warmers were stripped off by the time we had reached Newton Blossomville in the increasing heat of the sun and the remaining four or five  miles to the cafe were a delight.

It would seem unkind to mention that Brian and Peter went off piste at a point when they were attending to neither the ride leader nor their Garmins and got lost for about ten minutes and took half the group with them… so I won’t.
Clouds followed us home but kept from bursting until nearly the last, so, we were indeed blessed.

A lovely day and home by 2.30, so nothing not to like, and that included a second stop at Salcey forest for most of us to top up the caffeine levels.

Thanks all for coming out .

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