Ride report – Saturday 27th July

James C led this ride and writes:

Five members arrived at an already rainy Hunsbury library, each hoping to be the only one there, but putting on a brave face when it became apparent there would be a ride in the wet.

Braving the rain and headwind on the climb to Gayton, we were soon rewarded with a quick breather as Darryl suffered an early puncture. Inner tubes were traded and soon installed, inflated in 0.2 seconds with an icy blast of C02 and we were on our way.

A small detour meant the rest of the route to Daventry was completed on time and a very bored looking café owner was waiting to greet us at the country park. Our plan to retain dry saddles were soon thwarted as she insisted we move our bikes from under cover into the bike racks, but service was quick and the food welcome.

Upon leaving it seemed like the roads were holding a lot more standing water and any attempt to avoid the puddles was now futile. We now took the more direct route home via Roman Road and a tailwind helped us take Little Brington and Nobottle in quick succession, the occasional splash from passing cars providing welcome refreshment.

On through Harpole and we had another puncture, this time Pete S giving us a short break to admire his oily legs. Soon changed, we were on our way back to Hunsbury via the smooth cycle paths through the Pineham industrial estate and on to home.

A wet morning but the warm weather and company meant this was still an enjoyable ride, see you next time!

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