Ride report – Sunday 6th October

PhilJ led this ride and writes:

A damp day greeted us this morning which was an improvement on the downpour I was expecting to wake up to given the forecast. Four riders joined me for the ride over to Naseby. An ominous start as Pete S. arrived with a puncture giving us a 10am departure. Darryl, John Winn and Chris Duff made up the rest of the group.


Once rolling we headed towards Harlestone and the first real climb of many up Church Brampton. I was leading up the long haul and took a breather at the top when suddenly I felt quite unwell. My breathing seemed a little erratic. I just didn’t feel great. I’ve climbed this rise many times before but my body didn’t react very well to it this morning.


Despite my reassurances to the group on continuing with the ride they insisted that we make a U turn for home immediately. Despite my protests we did just that which as it happens was the right decision. There’s always another day for this ride. Fortunately I rode back without any further issues.


We headed back to Harlestone and stuck to the original plan of getting home through St Crispin’s. Arriving at Sixfields the guys insisted on getting me home safely. We cycled through Upton Park and out the other side into Hunsbury Meadows and home.


The perfect place for an impromptu café stop. Tea and coffee in the outdoor seating area with a delicious Autumn fruits Victoria sponge cake kindly served by my wife Marie who had made it the day before and all for no charge.


Suitably refreshed after putting the world to rights the four headed out to put a few more miles in their legs.


Interestingly it seems that Pete Bayles who we believed went past us whilst we were waiting outside TGI’s this morning actually made it to the Old Vicarage café just after 11 O’clock. I’m sure Pete can give you the full report if you want it but well done Pete for completing a difficult ride.


My thanks to the guys who saw me home safely. Gentlemen all of you. I hope you enjoyed the hospitality of the Hunsbury Meadows café.


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