Ride report – Saturday 12th October

Peter Bayles went on this ride and writes:


Eleven riders turned out on Saturday morning to join Giles’ brisk and moderate rides to Woodford Halse. Giles led the Brisks, and I led the Moderates, with five riders opting for the brisk.  Weather was kind yet again, with damp roads at the start, but no rain other than a very light spotting for a couple of minutes at one point, and a mild temperature.

The riders were slightly late setting off, with the now internationally famous Geoff discovering a soft tyre after getting to the start.  Fortunately, unlike Peter’s puncture last week, after inflating, it didn’t give any more problems.

The brisk group, having seven more miles to cover than the Moderates, pushed on from the outset, leaving the Moderates to enjoy a far more civilised pace to our coffee destination.

Before arriving at the café, Chris, who has been riding regularly with the club this year, made a surprising admission – he had never before ridden his bike on damp roads, let alone in the wet, prior to this ride.  Apparently, having an Atom Trainer at home meant that he preferred to use that whenever rain was likely.  Really Chris, is that better than pleasant company and banter ??

The moderates hit the Equestrian Centre café at Woodford Halse a couple of minutes before the Brisks, who had managed an average pace of 16mph, so deserved their coffee.  John, however, was already enjoying his less deserved coffee when the Moderates arrived, having initially joined the Brisks, but cheating and taking a short-cut.

The café has new people running it, who were just as friendly as the previous management and, as before, the coffee and food, whilst not cheap, was excellent.

The route back was less arduous, being 17mls and, ignoring a few undulations, generally down hill to Northampton.

Most of the riders set off to ride back together, although Elena and Chris decided to split off in order, we suspected, for them to revisit the cake counter.

The group kept a respectable pace and was back to the start at East Hunsbury, well before 1.00pm. Thanks go to Giles for a great route and morning riding.

(Just in case you wondered why Geoff was referred to as “internationally famous”, it’s because he was interviewed this week and appeared on local TV, giving his expansive views about today’s politics.  Bet that included some choice phrases.)

*Chris D has pointed out that I called Rob “Chris” by mistake (sorry Rob, I guess I was thinking about your son).

Apologies to Chris and Rob – to clarify, Rob hates rain and has an Atom Trainer.  Chris likes extra cake.

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