Ride report – Saturday 9th November

Chris Duff led this ride and writes:

The coldest start to the year at -1 degrees and the prospect of rain meant that only the ‘committed’ were out this morning.

Not yet ‘chestnuts roasting on an open fire’ but certainly ‘gloves warming on the radiators’ before setting off.

Five intrepid riders took up the gauntlet this morning and, although dressed like terrorists at first, made a good pace out to Gayton (or should that be Dayton?), then Dalscote  Pattishall and Blakesley.

The ride leader was ‘shown up’ by not having brought a spare pair of gloves with James C proving (as ever) to be the smart, well organised one.

Phil G left us at Bradden, to protect himself from a nasty cold and the remaining four then went on to take the longer ride in their stride.

What a lovely autumnal morning, iconic: golden trees, great views, mysterious mist – there was nothing not to like.

Faster now through Wappenham and KOM through Helmdon and on to Sulgrave on quiet roads.

Forge Coffee was by mutual acclaim a brilliant place to stop, lovely food and cake and the best coffee for miles.

A hot stove completed an idyllic stop and after much convivial chat and second coffees we reluctantly left to face the prospect of rain.

Even faster now, we raced the westerly rain front – winning mostly – through Moreton Pinkney and Canons Ashby and then to Maidford.

Darryl and Pete S were disconcertingly able to hold high-brow conversations at 18 miles an hour.

James C to glide up steep hills with no apparent effort.

Farthingstone and the hill to Upper Stowe did not dent the pace and urgent progress was made to avoid the glowering weather front.

‘Tired legs’ were ignored by me through Kislingbury and then all swiftly home to Hunsbury before the worst of the weather.

Then to enjoy the welcome embrace of centrally heated homes and the complacent inner glow of a route completed in good style.

‘Hail to the kings of the road’ on this Autumnal brisk ride out.

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