Ride report – Sunday 17th November

Milton led this ride and writes:

The three riders from Hunsbury arrived at the start of this ride at Moulton soaked to the skin and feared that the weather was determined to ruin the day’s fun. In fact, it never rained again and, as the winds were light, it was an almost perfect day – coldish it has to be said –  for a ride.

Nine set off from Moulton for the 55 miles return journey to Cafe Ventoux in deepest Leicestershire. There was a good deal of mud, but the waterlogged roads had drained by the time we passed and our route, both going and coming was clear for us.

We had a puncture on the way and, the practice we had of surrounding the victim and offering loud and contrary advice on the best way to deal with it would serve us well on the return journey when we had two more of the things. Lucky Peter, Daryll and John Wr to have so much generously offered help from people lounging around with their hands in their pockets!

It took until about 3.30 before the last cyclist finally made it to Moulton, and it was beginning to get dark. Lights are essential for the longer rides at this time of year.

Good to see Andy again for his second ever trip with us, and Steve for his first. Both seemed perfectly able to keep up with what was a fairly quick ride.


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