Ride report – Saturday 7th December

Brian led this ride and writes:
Ten riders were out today split evenly between Brisk and Moderate pace. Milton kept the brisk group’s nose to the grindstone so we all met on the road just before the café stop at Wythmails in Orlingbury.  A long first leg to the ride, but this was followed by a short ride (into the breeze!) back to Moulton.

Anybody who had looked at the ride profile on RWGPS would have noted the “lumpiness” of riding in and out of the many river valleys on the very rural route. The many single track roads were surprisingly clear of mud.

I had no sympathy for the brisk group who complained that it was a very hilly ride and that they would have to eat more cake at the café as a result. Just an excuse really.
The morning warmed up to a heady 10deg C with sunny spells. Excellent coffee and cake and a good atmosphere at Wythmails where we had a warm welcome. A very sociable ride all round. Good to see Mike Dempster out with us, a regular rider of a few years ago.
Brian T

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