Ride report – Saturday 21st December

Peter Bayles led the Brisk group and writes:

Nine riders turned out on Saturday, with four riders choosing to go on the Brisk and five on the Moderate, which Brian kindly led.  Amazingly, the weather was kind to us – cold, but staying dry, with sunshine all morning.  The day before had been very wet, and it was evident that there was still quite a bit of mud and water on some of the more quiet roads.

The two groups split up early on, with the Brisks keen to get the miles in and get to the NT café at Canons Ashby within a reasonable time after the arrival of the Moderates.  Milton had failed to load the route on his Garmin (you can lead a horse …..), so the Brisks did not have to put up with his constant satnav-like commentary, but fortunately James had the route, and was able to provide directional back-up to keep me right.

As it happens, the Moderates were at the café long before the Brisks, who, of course, blamed the slow progress on the extra hills (and my hill climbing abilities), rather than the performance of the Moderates. No problem though, as there was still cake and coffee left by the time the Brisks arrived, and Phil had time for a second coffee.

Just when the group was feeling relaxed and rested, Elena, a professional yoga instructor, announced that we had an impromptu yoga class to attend outside the café, and it was expected that we all take part to tone the muscles for the return leg.  Milton was keen to demonstrate his downward dog, until Elena confirmed that he had to keep his lycra leggings on.  Surprisingly, we all enjoyed the short session; well done Elena, although tomorrow, I think our legs may regret the stretching.

The groups split up again on the return, with the groups returning to Northampton around 1.00 as planned after an enjoyable morning.

Cheers – Peter

(I’m sure Elena won’t mind me unashamedly plugging her yoga website:



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