Ride report – Boxing day

Milton led this ride and writes:

With the rain falling and the thermometer fallen, it was an excellent day for not riding a bike, and yet at this time of year there is always someone who has eaten so much, and drunk even more, who has to pay penance on the saddle.

There were four of us  –  and a splendid time we had of it too. The rain eased by the time we reached Little Houghton, nicely in time for Peter’s chain to snap. That would be a cataclysmic event for some people, (me for instance!) but for Peter, the matter was dealt with in about ten minutes and we were off again and enjoying the road to Salcey via, it being Boxing Day, the big hunt of the year at Castle Ashby – more Landrovers and Barbour jackets than you could shake a stick at!

By the time we left the café the rain really was pelting down, and so it was a dash for home. We got back by around 12.30 and the four of us, surely, took much pleasure in having payed our penances so pleasurably.

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